Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Birthday: Up and Away/Balloons

Made this 3 Tier (6in, 8in and 10in)  Up and Away Balloon 3rd Birthday Cake July 27, 2014.  Top tier Vanilla w/buttercream frosting, Middle Tier Strawberry w/strawberry buttercream frosting and Bottom Tier Rainbow w/buttercream frosting. Covered in fondant with fondant details. (I realized after I took the picture that the 3 was backwards :-x )


Birthday: Playstation Cake

Made this Playstation Birthday Cake back in July 27, 2014.  The cake was dark chocolate cake w/ dark chocolate buttercream frosting, covered in fondant with rice krispy controller covered in fondant.

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Birthday: Little Mermaid

Playing catch up here: Made this 7in Little Mermaid Birthday Cake.  Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese-Buttercream Frosting back in July 19, 2014.  It was covered in fondant w/fondant decorations.

It was early in the morning when I took these pictures, (was heading to work that morning), so these didn't come out great.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wedding Cake: Pink, Gold and Cream

Made this 4 Tier (14in, 12in, 10in and 8in) Cream and Gold Wedding Cake, the cake was made to feed 150 (not including the top tier) July 12th 2014.  The cake starting from the top: Key Lime, Pineapple Coconut Layered w/Pineapples and Coconut, Red Velvet w/Bavarian Cream and Butter Almond w/Fresh Strawberries iced in Buttercream-Cream Cheese Frosting w/Fresh White and Pink Roses.

I was excited, anxious but scared at the same time with this cake.   It was my first 4 tier cake, I made what was suppose to be one for my sister's wedding a couple of years ago but had mishap with one of the tiers when delivering the cake so it became a 3 tier (I'm still disappointed to this day).   So it was nerve wrecking doing this one.  I transported it unstacked and just took the time to stack it all when I got there.  I was excited because it was my first official wedding cake for someone outside of close family and friends, so it was a "real" wedding cake order.  I did a tasting with the couple, contract signed and everything.  I can't wait for my next wedding cake order!!!!!!!

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Birthday: Super Hero Cake

Made this 3 Tier (10in, 8in, 6in) Super Hero Birthday Cake (Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and Superman) July 12th 2014.  Cake was white cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in fondant with a little rice krispy Batman topper. 

My little topper looks kind of funny, first time making a figure out of rice krispies, so it didn't turn out like I wanted, next time I will stick with fondant/gumpaste figures, lol!! Oh sorry for the bad pictures, I really need to invest in a really nice camera. :-x

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Bridal Shower: Mardi Gras

Made this 2 Tier (6in/8in) Purple/Black and Gold Mardi Gras/Masquerade Bridal Shower Cake w/matching 1 Dozen Cupcakes and 1 Dozen Mask Cookies July 4th 2014.  Cake Top tier Red Velvet Cream Cheese-Buttercream frosting and Bottom Tier Vanilla Cake Buttercream Frosting, covered in fondant and fondant mask and beads (feathers not edible).  Cupcakes were half Red Velvet and Vanilla w/fondant decorations and Sugar Cookies covered in fondant and sanding sugar. 

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